Getting Instagram Followers: Applications for Boost

Today, social networks are both the main and additional means of earning not only for ordinary workers, but also for top athletes, singers and actors. The most used platform for this purpose is Instagram. This social network bypassed its main competitor Vkontakte in a short time. Monetization is mainly done by selling the products or advertising of other people’s accounts or products for a fee. The greater your audience of followers gets, the greater are the chances to earn. Below we will discuss the applications for getting Instagram followers.


  • How do applications work?
  • Free boost
  • Paid boost
  • Pros and cons of applications for boost
  • Conclusion

How do applications work?

In order to get Instagram followers using the appropriate applications, you will need to go through several basic steps:

  1. Search for and download applications. Here you need to find an appropriate program and install it to your device;
  2. Registration. It is done via the e-mail address or telephone number. There are some programs that do not require this procedure;
  3. Login to your account. Login the downloaded application. In some cases, you may only need login, but most platforms require having password. It is absolutely safe and your access data will not be passed to the third parties;
  4. Boost. After completing the procedures above, you can proceed to the boost itself. It can be either free or paid.

Free boost

Boosting followers can be absolutely free. For this you will have to complete tasks and receive points for them. Then the received points are exchanged for followers. Accordingly, the more points, the more followers.

Usually, the task is following the accounts of other users. You can also increase points by putting likes to someone’s photos. You will receive less points, but it will not increase the number of your followers.

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Paid boost

When getting paid followers there is no need to follow other pages and like pictures. You buy same points as when fulfilling tasks for real money. Payment is carried out in several ways and the user can choose the most convenient option. This is the most common and rather cheap way.

Pros and cons of applications for boost

The disadvantage of these applications is that most followers are users with low activity, they do not participate in commenting your photos and videos. Also, many of them do not put likes and rarely watch your Stories.

Disadvantages are as follows:

  1. You spend your time productively on increasing engagement on Instagram. In your spare time, you can perform tasks and get followers in return. You can control the benefits of the work done. It is more efficient than the mutual following method;
  2. Low prices. Unlike the regular paid methods of boost, the prices are much lower here;
  3. Safe and fast work. After ordering Instagram promotion services through a special application, followers number will immediately increase. The result you have paid for is guaranteed. This is safer than standard purchase via third parties.


Every person would not mind making more money. Instagram provides a unique opportunity for anyone to create an additional source of income. This method requires affordable investments. Considering the number of users of this social network, it is worth spending some time on it.