Earn Money by Shooting Short Videos Effortlessly for a Couple of Minutes a Day!

The variety of social networks today is unusually great. The new application TikTok is the chance to reveal yourself through the short videos. Try yourself in a new social network based on the shooting of short videos. After gaining TikTok followers, one can earn. Why is TikTok so popular and how to earn money on TikTok?


  • What is TikTok?
  • First step
  • Second step
  • What attracts other users?
  • How to make money on TikTok?
  • Why is TikTok so popular?
  • Be bold, make your dream come true

What is TikTok?

Recently, most young people aged 12–20 use the TikTok app. Here you can shoot short videos with your favorite music and edit them, and then publish them on your page. TikTok is only gaining popularity. Why is Tik Tok so popular and how to earn money Tik Tok?

First step

First you need to download the application on your smartphone and register there. Come up with a nickname, add a profile picture, write information about yourself.

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Second step

Start shooting and uploading videos to your profile. Or add previously shot videos from the gallery of your phone. Like the posts of other users and start making friends!

What attracts other users?

Then start shooting videos. They should be interesting and attractive. Come up with an interesting concept, for example, shoot all the videos in sunglasses. Choose music listened to and approved by the millions.

Let your videos be in the same style. Create a beautiful harmonious feed to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

How to make money on TikTok?

As with any social network, you can earn money on TikTok.

If you have a fairly popular account, then you can sell ads to the users who are just beginning to gain followers. You yourself can set the price depending on the number of followers you have: the more of them, the more expensive can cost the advertising.

You can also place links to other social networks on your TikTok page. New followers will arrive there and the audience will increase. So you can monetize other social networks with the help of TikTok.

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Why is TikTok so popular?

This application is rapidly gaining popularity because it is something new among the social networks, where photography is a priority

The ability to record short videos for your favorite songs attracts users

The presence of various effects and filters, the ability to edit video. TikTok combines all the trends: Stories, masks, filters – everything that is so loved by the Internet users

In addition, TikTok’s audience is young people who actively use social networks. Young people are very active in the social networks, including TikTok

Be bold, make your dream come true

Now you can safely start learning such a social network like TikTok. You know all the secrets of creating the perfect account, as well as ways of making money. Follow the recommendations above, and the result will not keep you waiting. Share your life on TikTok and earn there. Monetize your blog. Good luck!