How to Boost a lot of Instagram Likes Safely: Tips for Bloggers

Today the competition on Instagram is severe, and only hard-working people get to the section of recommended posts. There is lots of interesting content and beautiful photos on the Internet. So how to stand out from the crowd? For this you should become a competent marketer and learn not only to present yourself, but also to use the effective Instagram marketing tools. For example, Instagram likes boost is a great way to move up in the ranking and attract the audience’s attention.


  • Tips for the effective promotion on likes
  • Paid services
  • ‘Tricks’ of Instagram
  • What can you do?
  • Likes boost – who needs it?

Tips for the effective promotion on likes

Likes are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to enter the list of recommended posts and increase Instagram engagement. The higher are these two indicators, the more likely the user will notice your content. When you like someone else’s publication, the user often visits your account and is likely to subscribe.

On Instagram there is a section ‘Recommended’, where you can see the most relevant posts over the past few hours. These are not necessarily by the millionaire bloggers – if one of the posts has caused the greatest response in the form of likes, even an account with several thousand followers can get to the ‘Recommended’. It will be seen by a larger percentage of people, many of whom will follow the account. So likes work well!

Paid services

The easiest way to boost likes is using paid programs. It is rather difficult to do this on your own for the following reasons:

  • you need to put several likes to every user, and it will take a lot of time;
  • it is important to select the target audience by age, interests, income; and the services already have such presets of users;
  • you do not know how many likes and how many users need to be set so that you are not blocked, and the services track all changes in the algorithms of Instagram and work according to its conditions;
  • it is faster because programs work 24/7 and without interruption;
  • today the competition in promotion is severe, and Instagram likes boost is affordable.

Many services offer a test period for the new users. You can register and see how the likes boost is going, how many followers can be attracted.

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‘Tricks’ of Instagram

You can try to make a lot of likes by yourself using the following methods:

  • Like users’ posts by hashtags and geolocation – you can track the target audience this way.
  • You can visit the competitor’s account and start to put likes to his followers.
  • Cross likes also work well. You can put a special hashtag on the topic, find like-minded people with whom you will put likes to each other raising the ranking.
  • Provide more natural likes from followers. Post more selfies. By statistics they get 35-38% more likes than regular posts. Although it all depends on the specifics of your work and content.
  • Focus on the interests of the audience. Sometimes the best response is underneath the posts with useful tips.
  • Beautiful photos are the key to more likes. Nowadays chilled colors, filters, beige and blue tones are in fashion.

What can you do?

You can team up with other bloggers who are searching popularity and agree about collaboration in mutual likes and posts on common topics, where in the end you will link each other. Contests also work well, one of the conditions should be putting like to the post announcing the contest.

Likes boost – who needs it?

First of all, it is the key to success for businessmen who need to increase interest to their company. Now people are looking for anything on the Internet, so the network is the best tool to let people know about yourself.

Also, bloggers, who want to get paid for advertising and go on press tours and attend events, must work on increasing their popularity. Likes will help in this.

The best option is to combine paid services with your own ideas of promotion. And remember that promotion on Instagram is a regular work. Only in this case, you can get ahead of competitors!